Agencies and networks. They just don’t seem to get us, disregard our feedback, design flawed interfaces, ignore what’s needed to help us achieve the next level. So we gathered the best ideas and the brightest minds and formed digipunk, the agency for educated marketers.

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Digipunk, llc.

Digipunk is a modern digital agency providing product definition, design, development, customer acquisition, retention and programmatic advertising solutions for its group of dating and social networking websites and apps as well as for external client projects.

Our talents and experience are made available through four channels:

digipunk tech
Digipunk Tech

Planning, programming and creative execution for websites and mobile apps. Authentic design without disorder. Applications that are best of industry in UX, highly scalable, Leveraging cloud native, micro-service based backend engineering and highly componentized cross-platform front end coding.

digipunk labs
Digipunk Labs

An Incubator investing in disruptive, grand ideas, courageous individuals, risk takers.

digipunk boost
Digipunk Boost

Deep relations allow us to acquire quality traffic at profitable prices. How much traffic do you want? How much can you handle?

digipunk media
Digipunk Media

Years of experience monetizing web and mobile makes us faster and smarter. Generate more money from your traffic.

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Creative solutions stand out. Be unique.

- the digipunk team
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here are some of the other organizations I've been proud to work with:

CBS Television Network Simon & Schuster Online The New York Times Syndicate USA Networks PBS POV Documentary Series WCBS Newsradio ARK Restaurant Group The Late Show with David Letterman The Nantucket Film Festival The Cambridge Health Alliance Sober Grid Bark Parental Controls
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